College and Career Prep

The L.A.C.E.R. Afterschool Programs understand what students experience in middle and high school helps shape their futures. All of our after school classes and activities are designed to provide students with the encouragement, information and life skills they need to be successful as adults.

One of our primary goals at L.A.C.E.R. is to have students graduate from high school prepared for college and/or career. We work with students, teachers and school administrators to provide classes, workshops and fieldtrips that best serve the needs and interests of the students. Our programs help fill the gaps left by the continuing cuts to education.

Types of College/Career Prep classes and workshops we offer:

AP Calculus

CAHSEE Prep (California High School Exit Examination)

Career Day

College 101

College Application Assistance

College Field Trips

Drivers Education

Film (Professional, skill based film editing certification)

High School 101


SAT Prep

Scholarship and Financial Aid Seminars

Stage Tech (professional skill based theater and film production class)